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Our website address is:Travel My Asia – Explore the wonders of Sri Lanka

Payment Policy for the Tour Confirmation

Payment Policy for the Tour Confirmation You need to pay an advance amount based on the final tour itinerary that we will send you to confirm your booking. .The advance amount for all bookings is between 20% and 50%, depending on when you plan to visit. We will take care of all the hotel, transportation, and other arrangements after getting your payment receipt. You can pay the remaining amount of the travel package in cash to our representative who will greet you at the airport.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy If you want to cancel your booking, you have to inform the Tour Consultant. The tour advance that you paid for arranging the tour is non-refundable because we have to pay the booking cancellation fees for the hotels and the documentation and service charges for travelMyAsia travels. .The tour advance that you paid for arranging the tour is non-refundable because we have to pay the booking cancellation fees for the hotels and the documentation and service charges for travelMyAsia travels. The advance can be used again for any day you arrive, so we suggest you postpone the trip instead of canceling it. The total cost of the tour package may change when you reschedule your tour. We usually do not refund for early checkouts during the tour. If there is any unforeseen reason in the destination or the world that prevents the tour from taking place, such as the pandemic situation we faced, Ceylon Empire Travels will refund 100% of your payment if you cancel within 21 days before arriving in Sri Lanka.


Changes in the Tour Itinerary

Changes to the Tour Package You can customize the tour package with us according to your preferences. However, if you request any changes after confirming the travel package and paying the advance, the total amount may change accordingly. The changes may include the number of days, people, arrival date, hotels, sightseeing tickets, transportation mode, etc. travelMyAsia Travels ensures that you get the agreed accommodation for the tour package that you choose. We will provide you with detailed information about the selected hotels based on your package. We request you to do your own research on the selected hotels before confirming a booking. Once a booking is confirmed, we cannot change the hotel reservations under any circumstance before or after you arrive in Sri Lanka. If you still want to change a hotel booking, travelMyAsiaTravels will try our best to find another hotel in the same category; but you will have to bear the extra cost.You will also have to pay for any additional charges for services that you may use during the tour.


Check List for Essentials

Please verify your flight times carefully when you receive your tickects. The airline may make minor changes to the flight times after we issue our Travel Voucher. We are not responsible for these changes. you have to inform us if your flight times are altered. You should also make sure that you have all the necessary travel documents,passports,visas,driving license,insurance details and currencies.

Partical Bookings in the Tour

Partial Booking by travelMyAsia Travels If you book only part of your itinerary with travelMyAsia Travels, we are not liable for any problems that may arise with the other parts of your holiday that we do not manage. This includes any difficulty in finding hotels, or booking train tickets if you choose to book only accommodation with us and arrange your own transport


Additional Products Purchased During the Tour travelMyAsia Travels does not endorse or guarantee any extra product that you may buy during your tour that is not clearly listed on the Travel Voucher. This applies even if you have discussed the product with a travelMyAsia Travels employee or representative. You are solely responsible for deciding the value of any product. Ceylon Empire Travels has no obligation to help you in such cases. You are also responsible for checking the quality, functionality, guarantee, or warranty of any product that you may buy during your tour.