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Enjoy your holidays in Sri Lanka with our expert local guides and new friends. Come alone or, with friends or a partner - leave with memories that’ll stay with you forever.

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Here's some of the top activities and places of adventure in Sri Lanka. We can arrange which ever you like the most!

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Round tours

Explore Sri Lanka in style with Travel My Asia. We offer you the best deals to make your holidays a unforgettable experience.



As a reputed MICE service provider in Sri Lanka, we offer innovative and complete MICE solutions tailor-made to our guest.


We offer a diverse range of transport options for individual travel or group travel, be it cars, micros, SUVs, coaches to luxury vehicles

100% Customizable

We'll work together to customize your trip to meet your exact requirement.

Responsible Tourism

We use locally owned infrastructure for the accommodation and transport wherever possible to help communities to get the benefits of tourism


Experience Sri Lanka’s stunning coastline, the highlands, and more in a day with our day excursions.

Sport Tours

We organize sports tours for adventure sports, golf, cricket, rugby, netball, and karate, while taking care of all your sporting requirements such as permissions, venues, and logistics.


Recharge the body and nourish the mind with our wellness tours that combines Ayurvedic and Wellness treatments, specially designed to unwind and discover true spiritual healing.

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